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Through the years, faceless characters have driven our intrigue and kept us on the edge of our seats

What do the following characters have in common: Master Chief, Navi (from The Legend of Zelda), Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Samus, and the Mandalorian?

We hardly — or never saw their faces — and yet we found ourselves unusually attached to all of them.

It’s not to say that their faces didn’t exist. Most of them had quite familiar-looking faces once exposed, but developers intentionally hid their expressions from us. These archetypes found themselves mysterious and featured obscure backstories designed to keep us in the dark.

We loved their stoic posture. We searched far and wide for more information about their origins and when none came up, we were even more intrigued. We just had to know who these mysteriously dark characters were. …

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How “Free To Play” brought esports into the mainstream in North America

“One way to forget about pain is to do something that you will be in completely.”

Danil “Dendi” Ishutin

One million dollars. Can you imagine? You win a massive international video game tournament, and you and your team walk away with one million dollars. Valve held the first-ever “International” on August 17–21st 2011, in Seattle, Washington.

The Ukrainian team Natus Vincere that won the tournament, walked away victorious in dramatic famous.

The prize pool combined with high-level tournament drama were the kindling esports that needed to explode in the west. …

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When we choose to learn from others, we often develop more than technical skills. We evolve.

“As confusing, unpredictable, and stressful as life may be, always remember, it is never incorrect to be kind. When lost, do nice things.”- Sean Plott (Day9)

Who in the gaming community can you look to for guidance? Back when I was limping through my socially awkward faze, I desperately sought out people like me. My confidence was low and desperately needed encouragement to build myself into someone new. So, I scoured the internet for personalities that embodied what I hope to manifest in the future.

I was seeking someone who spoke to the philosophies that I hope to achieve, but who acted out these ideas with their words and actions daily. …

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A game with personality and depth, Void Bastards, provides us with everything we love in an indie game

“OH&S violations have resulted in a premature end of life situation.” -statement upon my first death in Void Bastards.

Intense colors of purple, orange, and blue emanated from the vessel as I began to search for supplies. What should I do? Should I loot the entire ship or go for fuel and hope for a smaller ship later?

I made my way out of the airlock to find the power was out. I consulted my mini-map and found the fastest route to the power generator. Two rooms later, I was confronted by a tall enemy known as the janitor. …

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Every great story has an origin. Gamers have ours.

I stood outside the wishing well at eight years old, clutching my penny with quiet desperation. I was going through a turbulent time, and I had a lot I could ask from the well that had collected so many coins over the years. I wonder if anyone's wishes had come true?

What would be my wish?

A Sega Game Gear.

Don’t judge me; I was eight, and I desperately wanted to play Sonic ever since one of my best friends unveiled his sleek black handheld complete with a carrying case.

My coin gently plunked into the well, and I soon forgot about my wish. Months went by when I finally received my first handheld gaming machine. I tore through the bright red wrapping paper that Christmas morning, utterly unaware of my surroundings. …

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We really should accept that most of us aren’t snipers

“O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me.” — Private Jackson (Saving Private Ryan)

Who could forget that scene? Private Jackson is standing in the watchtower, taking down soldiers as he utters his silent mantra. The sound of the reload penetrates our minds as he takes shot after shot. He carries his intensity in his eyes and embodies a being at peak focus. He rightfully receives the ending that he deserves as he perishes in a giant ball of flaming glory.

If that movie doesn’t represent the feeling of being a sniper, nothing will. …

A story of selfless compassion that stuck with me forever.

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It’s rainy and just a tad windy today. There is just enough wind blowing to create those micro leaf tornados you see while driving—the perfect type of day for coffee, reading, and reflection.

I would ask you wherever you are, to pause and reflect for a moment. Bring a memory to the front of your brain. This thought should be one of human interaction. Think of a time when you were overly stressed and someone showed extraordinary compassion or awareness.

Do you have your memory?


You will find a connection to this story.

I was seven years old when I met Mel. My birth mother wasn’t around. She was out trying to find herself, and she got lost, but Mel was available and up for the challenge. The stories people tell about our first interaction ends in the same fashion. I fell asleep on her lap the first night I met her. If one outside interaction saved even one piece of my humanity, Mel would have been the catalyst for my resurrection as an adult. …

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First Watch Games’ recent collaboration with Dr. Disrespect is an especially clear example

What outside influence do you trust when deciding whether or not to play a new game? Where do you go? Which filter do you rely on most heavily to give you relevant knowledge about upcoming titles?

Filters are people, companies, or news sources that we trust. Trust forms from one of two places. The relationship is either founded on authenticity or consistency, sometimes both. We use these sources to speed up our decision making about where to invest our time or what products to buy. The more the filter aligns itself with our values, the more we trust the source.

My favorite tangent to talk about is the use of filters in our society. I find the concept unendingly interesting.

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Nintendo’s classic franchise remains as powerful today as it has been for over three decades

I have a dirty little secret: I’ve never finished a Zelda game. Ever. I do enjoy the games, but I’ve never gotten around to finishing one. I’m willing to bet we all have a series like this in our back pocket — one we dream of finishing, but never have.

I’ve finished half of A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask. And I’m about a quarter of the way through Breath of the Wild. The end credits have eluded me every time, though. …

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Even after decades in the spotlight, we still can’t get enough of the Caped Crusader

Do you have an alter ego? Where does it hide? Can this alter ego be acted out safely and experimentally through video games? I contemplated this very thought as I looked through some of my old PS4 games. I was looking for something to spark my interest.

I chose to revisit the Batman games for PS4. The gritty, dark textures mixed with a combat system perfectly molded to the Caped Crusader’s style reminded me why I loved those games and why I loved Batman. …


Phillip Caron

Short stories are to explore my demons. Reflections are to explore my feelings, and philosophies are for my son just in case.

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